Wednesday, June 30, 2010

QuickBooks: Required Account Numbers

A client asked: Is there a way to require account numbers? There seems only an option to turn them on or off.

This is correct, there is no preference to require the use of account numbers. The option to turn them on or off tells QuickBooks to show or hide the account numbers. The account numbers remain in the file.

There is way, however, to require account numbers and even let you know if any accounts do not have accounts numbers assigned.

To require account numbers, do the following:
* Select the Edit menu and then select Preferences.
* Select Accounting Company Preferences
* Select Show Lowest subaccount Only.
* This option is active when you check Use Account Numbers.
* If all accounts have account numbers assigned, click OK.

QuickBooks will then require you to use an account number for all accounts you create in the future – and will not allow you to remove the account number from existing accounts although can edit the account numbers.

If there are accounts without account numbers you will see a window:

* You must then go to the Chart of Accounts
* Assign numbers to all accounts (even the inactive accounts)
* Return to the Accounting Company Preferences
* Select the Show Lowest Subaccount Only checkbox.

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