Wednesday, June 30, 2010

QuickBooks: User Permissions

Did you know that QuickBooks has the ability to completely customize each user’s permissions?

User Permission allows you to add or restrict access to certain areas of your QB’s file for each user.

Enterprise Solutions allows each user to have one or more fully customizable Role. To access the role list:

* Select Company > Users > Setup Users & Roles
* Click on the Role List tab.
* You will see an entire list of roles.
* Existing roles can be edited from this menu.
* Select one of the roles and select Edit.
* This displays the Edit Role window.

Here you’ll see a description for each role as well as an area called Role Access. Under this is an area called Areas and Activities. There is a plus sign next to each area. Click it and it opens to even more detail for that area.

A filled circle means full access. A partial circle means partial or mixed access, and a hollow circle means no access. The partial or mixed access can be further broken down according to the area on the right of the screen, labeled Area Access Level.

Each role can be finely tuned and you can even create new roles.

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