Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HEAT: Executing An Autotask Using A Business Rule

A clients asks: Can I execute an autotask using a business rule?

Yes, business rules allow you to run autotasks and send emails. An example of running an autotask from a business rule is below:

- Open the Business Rule Editor
- Select an action (e.g. If a ticket isn't closed in x amount of time)
- Select the number of hours
- Select call group or all calls
- Select the autotask below to escalate the priority
- Click Next > select No Followup
- Click Next > provide a unique name for the business rule
- Click New and Changed Records
- Click Save Changes

Restart the Business Rule service to start the new rule.

Escalate Autotask:
- Select Autotask > Manage Autotasks > Name the autotask Escalate
- Click Add > Update Call
- Select Priority > enter 1
- Select PriorityName > enter Urgent
- Click OK to save autotask

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