Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ACT : Promoting Secondary Contacts

A client recently asked: We would like to maintain activities, history and notes for Secondary Contacts. Is this possible?

Secondary contacts are additional contacts with some relationship to a Primary Contact. You can have an unlimited number of Secondary Contacts and they are maintained through a tab on the Primary Contact.

To add a Secondary Contact:
* Click the Secondary Contact tab > click New Secondary Contact
* Fill in the data required > click OK

The notes, activities and history, however, are associated only with the Primary Contact and not with the Secondary Contacts. To associate notes, activities and history with Secondary Contacts, you must promote it.

To promote a Secondary Contact:
* Select the Secondary Contact to promote
* Click the Promote button > Select an option below

Option 1) Duplicate data from main contact's primary fields
Option 2) Do not duplicate data from primary fields

* Click OK

The Secondary Contact will be promoted to a Primary Contact. Note: once promoted, the contact will no longer have any association with the original Primary Contact.

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