Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ACT : Sharing Scheduling other Users

A client asked this: Can I schedule meetings for my other ACT users as well as for myself?

Yes, ACT! has the capability to permit scheduling access for other ACT! users. To access this function, you would do the following:

* Select Schedule > Grant Schedule Access
* The Calendar Access dialog box appears
* Select the user to grant scheduling rights > click Access
* Select View and Schedule > click OK

You can now begin scheduling for the user(s) granted access. To schedule an activity for someone else in your company:

* Look up the contact to be scheduled > create the Activity as usual
* Click the 'Schedule For' button > pick the User from the Schedule For list
* Click OK when you are done

Note: If you do not see the user to be scheduled for, then you have not been granted access. Also, if you have an Administrator or Manager security role, you already have the Schedule For right

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