Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GoldMine : Using Territory Realignment

Easily done with the help of GoldMine’s “Territory Realignment” function.

First, create a group or filter that will provide you with the contact records you want to reassign.

From the main menu, go to Tools>>Data Management>>Territory Realignment.

Select the applicable group or filter and click Next. In the next screen you will be able to update two contact fields and record ownership. To realign the territory, choose the third set of fields and change Owner to the appropriate user.

The next screen enables you to reassign activities from one user to another – for example, if Bob Smith leaves your company, you may want to reassign his appointments etc to his successor, Jane Doe. You can choose a date range and the types of activities you want to reassign as needed.

Click Finish and GoldMine will do the rest.