Saturday, October 2, 2010

HEAT: Differences Between A Call Group And A Customer Group

Ever want to know what's the difference between a Call Group and a Customer Group?

Customer Groups let you "group" or organize Customer Records according to similarities or other criteria and search for records quickly. For example, create a Customer Group to cluster Customer Records for customers living in New York.

You can define the criteria for a Customer Group using one of these:

- Simple Search: One expression (for example, all customers living in New York; expression is State = New York).

- Boolean Search: Multiple expressions (for example, Gold customers living in New York; expressions are SLA = Gold AND State = New York).

To create a Customer Group using a Boolean Search:

- Activate the Customer Window by clicking Profile on the Call Logging toolbar.
- From the Call Logging menu bar, select Group > New Customer Group. The New Customer Group dialog box appears.
- Type a name and description for the Customer Group.
- In the Save to View area, select a View (audience) for your Customer Group.
- In the Table Name drop-down list, select the table containing the field to use in your expression (for example, "Profile"). When selecting one of the tables, the available fields for that table appear in the Field area.
- In the Field area, double-click a field to add it to the Boolean Expression
- In the Operators area, double-click an operator to add it to the Boolean Expression (for example, "=").
- Click Browse Field Data. The Validate from "x" dialog box appears where "x" is the selected field. Available items appear in grid view. Select a value and click OK.
- Continue to add expressions joined by operators (for example, AND Priority = "1").
- To define a sorting order for the Customer Group, click Order By to access the Order By dialog box. Select the field or field by which to sort the group (for example, if you select CallID, all records in the group are listed in ascending or descending order by their Call ID numbers).
- Click Check to validate the expression text.
- Click Run. Customer Records matching your criteria display in the Call Logging main window (in Grid or Form view).

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