Saturday, October 2, 2010

HEAT: Grouping Call Tickets Without Creating A Call Group

A client asks: Can I group Call Tickets without creating a Call Group?

Call Groups use Boolean logic to group Call Tickets together according to common criteria. If you would like to group Call Tickets that do not share a common criteria that is definable in a Call Group, you can use the Hot List.

A Hot List is a special type of Call Group in which Boolean expressions are not used to pull Call Records specific to defined criteria. The calls in a Hot List are manually added to the group. Add any call including Records with different Customer Types. Hot Lists appear alongside other Call Groups in the Open Call Group dialog box.

To open a Hot List, select Group > Open Call Group. The red question mark symbol to the left of the group differentiates the group as a Hot List.

Adding a call to an existing Hot List links that call with the Hot List as it is recorded in the database and with the Call ID number. This is important because you can add a call to many Hot Lists at the same time.

- Ensure the call to add to the Hot List is the active call.
- Select Group > Add Call to Hot List. A list of existing Hot Lists appears.
- Click the appropriate Hot List from the available Hot Lists. Your active call adds to the Hot List.

To permanently remove the active Call Record from the active Hot List:

- This option is available when the Hot List is the active Call Group.
- Use this procedure to remove Call Records from both Hot Lists and My Hot List.
- Ensure the call to remove is the active call.
- Select Group > Remove Call from Hot List. The Remove Call From Hot List dialog box appears.
- Select the Don't show this dialog box again check box to not prompt with the warning in the future.
- Click OK. The Call Record is permanently removed from the Hot List.

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