Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MSCRM: Creating My Views for Custom Entities

The entities in CRM that come "out-of the box" come along with pre-defined views for My Active views for each entity.
However, when you create a custom entity you will notice that by default only two views are created “Active” and “Inactive”. If you would like to add “My Active” and “My Inactive” views for custom entities, you would need to create them yourself by customizing the entity.

To create a “My Active” view in a custom entity follow the below steps:

1. Go to Settings, Customization
2. Customize Entities, Select the entity and Choose the Forms and Views Option.
3. Choose “New” and Enter the name of the View.
4. Edit the filter criteria and set the following conditions:

Owner equals Current User and Status equals Active.

5. Once the criteria has been specified you can edit the columns to include the columns that you want displayed in this view.

6. Save the view and Publish the Entity.

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