Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MSCRM: Including a Link to a specific Opportunity Entity

A sales representative would like to have an email sent to them whenever a new opportunity is assigned to them. With a workflow, you can create a rule that sends them an email whenever an opportunity is assigned to them. In the email, you can also include any attribute information that is associate to the opportunity.

But then to find that particular opportunity in the CRM system, the sales representative needs to open CRM and then search on the topic or look at opportunities that belong to them. Either way it's a multi step process.

To make the process easier, create a url link to the opportunity and then include it in the email. The sales representative can then click directly to the opportunity.

To create a URL link directly to an opportunity:
1. Create a new attribute in the opportunity entity, called new_url_address, nvarchar type, format URL and length of 200.
2. In the OnSave event of the Opportunity entity , set the new field to the URL of the opportunity as follows:

"https://crm/your particular OrgName/sfa/opps/edit.aspx?id=" + crmForm.ObjectId;

3. In your workflow when you create your email, you'll now have an attribute with the URL address of that opportunity.
4. Insert the field into the email and your sales rep will now have a 1 click step to the opportunity.

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