Wednesday, October 27, 2010

QuickBooks: Change Orders

A client wants to know: I want to display Account numbers on certain reports or at certain times. How can I do this?

The Account numbers display not on the Chart of Accounts list and the Account field drop down menus and also on financial reports like the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.

You can hide the Account numbers in Financial Reports by turning off Account Numbers in the accounting Company preferences. However, you have to do so each and every time you create a financial report. Since you can only turn off Account numbers as the file Administrator and only in single user mode,turning off the Account numbers each time you want to print financial reports is not practical.

Instead, you need to use a setting that will hide the Account numbers by default and then you can edit the Company Preferences only when you want the Account numbers to show (e.g. when printing the General Ledger and/or Trial Balance reports).

Do the following to hide the Account numbers on financial reports:
* Edit the description for each Account on the Chart of Accounts, including any that you have made inactive but that might still show on financial reports. In most cases the description should be the same as the Account name.

* Edit the Reporting Company Preferences to display Accounts by Description rather than by "Name only." The "Name only" setting doesn't describe fully what the Name setting does. When you select "Name only" on the window shown below, QuickBooks reports include both the Name and Number.

* QuickBooks will now show the description in financial reports, not the name and number. If any Accounts do not have a description, QuickBooks will revert to displaying the Account by name and number, but just for the selected Accounts with no description. Once you add a description and refresh the report, the Account number will go away.

Note: You can enter a slightly different wording for the Account in the description field. For example, the Account name can read Accounts Receivable and the Description could read Receivables - Trade. The latter is a better wording for financial reports and the QuickBooks users will still see the wording "Accounts Receivable" on the Chart of Accounts window and on QuickBooks forms

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