Thursday, November 4, 2010

Field Is Null?

A client recently asked: I am creating an autotask and want to run other autotasks when a field is empty. Is this defined as {FieldName}=="", {FieldName}IsNull or something else?

In HEAT version 9.0, this is much less ambiguous. To define a multi-step autotask that branches based on a field being empty, you would do the following:

* Select Manage Autotasks > Edit the Autotask
* Click Add > Select the "If a Field is Empty Statement" action
* Select the table and field from the drop-downs
* Enter the autotask to run when true and when fales
* Click OK

This makes it much simpler to define a null or empty value in a field to cause an autotask to branch. This is available only in Version 9.0

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