Monday, November 29, 2010

Filtering Journals in Heat Self Service

A client recently asked – Should I allow my clients to view Journals when looking at the status of a ticket in Heat Self Service?

In Heat 9.5 the HEAT Administrator has the ability to configure HEAT Self Service to filter out Journals.

  • Create an Edit Set > Navigate to the Journal Table > Create a New Field > Field Name= “DisplayInHSS” > Field Type = Check > Add the field to the form > Click on OK and apply the edit set
  • Launch Web Server Configuration Tool > Click on HSS > Click on Journal Filtering > Click on Enable Filtering > In the Filter Field Option Select the field you created – i.e. “displayInHSS” > Click on Save and Exit > Restart the Heat Web Service.
  • Only journals that have been checked will be displayed to users.

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