Thursday, November 4, 2010

HEAT: Using Activity Log Record

A client wants to know: Is there a way to document changes that are made to a call ticket and then abandoned?Yes, you can use the "Create Activity Log Record" autotask action (in version 9.0 only) to capture this information. You would create this as follows:

* Create an autotask > Click Add > Select "Create Activity Log Record" action
* Click Record Type > Select UNSAVED
* In Duration, select the amount of time to be added to the Log
* Select the Calendar to be used
* Enter a Description for the Log entry (can use Insert functions)
* Insert the information to be displayed in the Watch fields
* Click OK
This autotask can log unsaved changes but also track other types of entries, including work done outside of HEAT and within HEAT based on a condition you define.

Note: for handling Call Browse, by restricting Call Groups, you would restrict Call Browse to only showing tickets in their allowed Call Group.

Note: for handling Go To Ticket (to prevent someone from randomly entering ticket numbers under Ctrl G, there is a right in Administrator called Right to Go To Call, which would be disabled for IT except for tickets in their allowed Call Groups.

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