Thursday, November 4, 2010

Messaging Center

A client asked: Is there a way to receive ATG tickets from more than one source (e.g. MAPI and POP) on the same server?

Yes, with HEAT version 9.0, ATG is basically replaced by the Message Center (although the ATG Ticket Service is also retained as a legacy application).

The Message Center allows you to receive tickets from MAPI, POP, GroupWise, XML, Web Services and Lotus Notes. These can all be setup on the same server and create/update tickets from any or all of the "Listeners"

To set up multiple Listeners to update your HEAT database, you would:

* Open the Message Center > Select Message Sources > Select Add
* Select POP from the List > Select the POP3 config file
* Select Messaging Storage > Select Server, Login and MC database
* Click Add > Enter POP3 Settings > Enter SMTP Settings
* Complete the Messaging Center tab > Add Create/Update Rules

Start the Messaging Center and make sure the POP3 option is enabled. Once this is done, tickets sent to email address defined in POP3 will create or update a ticket. Repeat this process for any other data source desired (MAPI, XML, etc)

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