Thursday, November 4, 2010

Web Based Call Logging

A client recently asked: Is there any other way of accessing HEAT through a browser other than iHeat?

Yes, in the latest version of HEAT (9.0), there is a web-based version of the Call Logging form. This does not require a login and offers the same features as the workstation Call Logging version (with a few exceptions).

To run the Call Logging WebUI:

* Select Start > All Programs > HEAT
* Select Call Logging WebUI > Enter your User ID
* Use the form as you would Call Logging
* Create, edit and view call tickets as usual

Tip: use Google Chrome to run the WebUI, it is much faster.

There are a very few differences between the CL WebUI and CL - for example, in the WebUI, you cannot create autotasks, however you can run autotasks as usual.
The WebUI does not require an install, so it can be opened from any workstation.

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