Sunday, January 30, 2011

GoldMine : HTML vs. Plaintext Notes

GoldMine Premium has the ability to use HTML when entering in notes (for instance, when completing a call). What this really means is that you will have the ability to use different fonts and font styles (underline, italics, etc).

Where this really shines, however, is in the fact that when you Paste text [into GoldMine] from another application, the formatting is retained (for the most part).

What you also may not realize is that you can also copy and paste a selection from a spreadsheet. One of our clients pastes in a portion of a customer quote (as cells from a spreadsheet) right into the history notes of the sales call.

You can make sure that HTML notes are enabled by going to Tools | Configure | System Settings | Display Tab. Select the "HTML" radio button in the Notes Format area.

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