Sunday, January 30, 2011

GoldMine : Scheduling with Resources

This is actually something GoldMine has been able to do for a very long time now: use "Resources" when scheduling pending activities.

In a nutshell, GoldMine will let you define Resources (i.e. a conference room, telepresence gear or a conference call line) and then schedule items using that Resource. The Resource then becomes a kind of pseudo-user with it's own schedule. It is best demonstrated by doing;

To create your list of Resources, go to Tools | Configure | Company Resources.
To add an item, simply click new. The Resource Name should be an abbreviated name (i.e. CONF1). The Description can be whatever you like. The Code is optional as is the Custodian (which defaults to public). Simply give your new Resource a name and click Ok.

Pro Tip: You can view the upcoming schedule for any listed Resource by going to your Resource List (Tools | Configure | Company Resources) and clicking on View Schedule.

Now, go to Schedule | Appointment. Go to the Resources tab. Add your new Resource to the Appointment by double-clicking on it. You can now see the availability of the Resource alongside the users scheduled from the Free/Busy tab.

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