Thursday, January 27, 2011

QuickBooks: Using a Hidden Account

A business owner wants to prevent the data entry employee from seeing and/or posting transactions to the Owner Equity Account. He explained that He made the account inactive, activated it when he was using QuickBooks, and then made it inactive again when he finished working in QuickBooks. He wondered if there was a better way.

Yes there is! The solution is in the fact that you can use a hidden (inactive) account any time you want to. When you're entering a transaction, don't use the drop-down list (because of course, the account won't appear). Instead, enter the account name or number manually. QuickBooks displays a message asking you if you want to use the account just once, or reactivate the account. Click the option to use the account just once. (You can use the account "just once" as many times as you want to.)

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