Thursday, January 27, 2011

QuickBooks: Tracking Referrals

A client asked if there was an easy way to track referrals in QuickBooks and then pull a report which provides the referral source.

The fastest way to do this is to use a custom field in the customer information screen on the Additional Info tab and call it Referred by or Referral Source.
1) Then you can just type in the information in the field
2) The information is extracted by creating the customer contact report and adding the Referred by field


Lynne said...

Is there also a way that you can customize one of the reports to show the amount of sales that have been generated by each referral? I have run many of the sales reports, bringing in the custom Referred By field, but the data in that field doesn't show up in the report (the field remains blank even though there is data in it).

Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

Hi Lynn, I don't see anything at the moment, but will be happy to see what I can find out for you. What version are you using?

Lynne said...

Wow, thanks so much, Cynthia. I've tried so many options but just can't seem to get that custom field to show up in the reports where I need it. I am using QB Pro 2012. Thanks for your help!

Rebecca West said...

Is this option also available with Quickbooks online? I don't seem to see the additional info option... :-(

Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

Hi Lynne,

In response to your question regarding customizing one of the sales reports to get the custom field to show up... unfortunately, I have been unable to find a way to get this to work either.

The only thing I can tell you is that you may have run the sales reports filtering by name and choose multiple names (those for each referral source). While a bit cumbersome, it will generate some results.

Good luck!

Cynthia Huber, CQP said...
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Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

I should be more specific -- filter by customer name -- so that you are selecting the specific customers that have been refered by 1 person.

For example: Mary Smith referred XYZ Company, ABC Company, and 123 Company. Now you could do a sales by customer summary by whatever date desired, then customize and filter by Name / then Multiple names.... then pick XYZ Company, ABC Company, and 123 Company.

What you get is the total sales for those customers that Mary Smith sent you.

Your next step... send Mary Smith chocolates!

Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

Rebecca - No... :-(

Unfortunately QuickBooks Online Edition does not have custom fields. The only think I can tell you is put a note in the notes section.

I will watch and see if things change with QuickBooks Online and let this blog know. I know that they are continually making changes, so perhaps this is on "the list".

Lynne said...

Thanks so much, Cynthia. I'll take a look.

Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

You are welcome Lynne.

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