Monday, February 28, 2011

GoldMine : Editing the "Canned" Dashboards in 9.0

A lot of folks lately are talking about Dashboards, something included in the newer versions of GoldMine Premium Edition. But for those do-it-yourself-ers out there who want to learn how to build their own dashboards, doing this from scratch can be frustrating.
A good place to start is to Copy one of the canned Dashboards that come standard. (You can't edit them the way they are)

To do this, simply open your Dashboards view in GoldMine.
Right click on the Dashboard in question.
Select Copy.
GoldMine will prompt you if you'd like to duplicate the underlying Data Sources.
Click Yes, as this will ensure the original Dashboards are "untouched" by any modifications you make.
Start poking around and have fun!

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