Friday, February 25, 2011

HEAT - Configure Unified Login

The Unified Login feature allows users to log on to HEAT using their Windows logon information. This eliminates the need to type an additional User ID and password to log on to HEAT.

Log into the Heat Administrator Module, select Security > Unified Login from the menu bar. The Configure Unified Login dialog box opens.

Select the Enable Unified Login check box.

In the Specify Field Containing Network User ID drop-down list, select the HEAT field you want to use to validate the domain Login ID. HEAT matches the user's domain login information against the value in this field to validate the HEAT login information. You can choose from the following HEAT fields:

• eMailName

• FullName

• LoginID

Note: This option is available to HEAT SelfService users over the intranet only. The Unified Login feature is not available to users over the internet.