Friday, February 25, 2011

HEAT globally replacing a value

Global Replace lets you replace a value in a selected database field with another value on a global (database-wide) basis. For example, you can change a Call Type from HWARE to Hardware

Note: You are making a permanent change in the Database which cannot be undone. It is suggested you make a SQL backup prior to performing a global replace.

To Globally Replace a Value:

  • Log into the Heat Administrator Dashboard, click the Global Replace link in the Maintain Database section (or, in the Administrator main window, select Database > Global Replace from the menu bar). The Global Replace dialog box opens.
  • In the Table Name drop-down list, select the table you want to include in the global replace (the table that contains the field value you want to globally replace). Fields for the selected table appear in the Field Name list.
  • Select the field you want to include in the global replacement. This is the field whose value you want to replace.
  • In the To field of the Change Value section, type a new value or click Browse to locate a new value. This is the new value to be inserted.
  • In the Where text box of the Change Value section, click Boolean to open the Search dialog box and define a Boolean expression for locating the existing value.
  • Click OK.

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