Friday, February 25, 2011

QuickBooks: The History Button

I am often asked about quick ways to find related transactions in QuickBooks. Clients know that reports can be generated, but wonder if there are other methods.

QuickBooks has made that easy for us with a History button in transactions screens. The History button shows you which transactions are related or "linked" to a specific transaction you selected. For example, a transaction history for a customer payment shows the invoices to which you applied the payment (and the bank deposit, if you deposited the payment).

You can double-click on a bill to view the bill details. This works for all related transactions in QuickBooks! If you don't see the History button, use Ctrl H on your keyboard, or Edit / Transaction History.

In QuickBooks, you can display transaction histories for:
• Invoices
• Customer payments
• Deposits
• Credit memos
• Sales receipts
• Bills
• Payments to vendors
• Credits with vendors
• Item receipts
• Journal entries
• Purchase orders
• Progress invoices
• Estimates

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