Friday, March 11, 2011

GoldMine : Using HTML in Email

I get a call from client every so often where they ask: "How do I get the formatting tools in my email center?".
HTML email, by default, is typically not enabled. To "unlock" the font and formatting tools in your GoldMine e-mail editor, go to Tools | Options | E-mail | More Options | Advanced.
Simply check the box labeled "Use HTML when creating new e-mail".

Pro Tip : To enable HTML for an e-mail template, you must do this on a per template basis. When creating your new e-mail template look for the "Use Rich Text (HTML)" checkbox in the upper left hand corner.


Richard C. Lambert said...

I get a call from client every so often where they ask: "How do I get the formatting tools in my email center?".psd to drupal

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