Friday, March 11, 2011

GoldMine : Using userdefined fields in email templates

Those of you who use GoldMine e-mail templates should know; this is a great cheap way to send personalized correspondence between your company and prospects/customers. The ability to insert GoldMine Fields in the e-mail template itself however, can be a little less than easy to use.

To insert a field in an e-mail template, simply create a new template, then click on button near the top of your editor that has a little down arrow on it. That will expand a menu, with which you can select Contact Record fields to be inserted (i.e. Firstname, Lastname, Company, etc).

You'll notice right away that none of your userdefined fields are available through this drop down, however. They must be manually inserted.

To do so, simply type in the field code. For userdefined fields, use the CONTACT2 table like this;

If you field is called UPRODUCT, then use the code "CONTACT2->UPRODUCT" in your email. Remember that your field code must be encapsulated within "<<" and ">>".

Pro Tip: You can set the initial position of your cursor in an email template by using the "CURSOR" field code.


Michael said...

What version of GM is this for? I tried unsuccessfully to implement this for GM PE and the template fails to pull in the appropriate field.

Justin Hill said...
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Justin Hill said...

To be sure, are you encapsulating the fieldname in carats? (i.e. << >>)

Unfortunatley Blogger.Com does not allow me to write exactly the code should be as it thinks it's HTML.

If your userdefined field is called "USERDER01", then the email template code would be


(Remove the two spaces before and after CONTACT2->USERDEF01)

This works for all versions 5.x and up.

Michael said...

Thanks Justin. I tried that already it just is not pulling from that record. This .76 version is riddled with bugs so it would surprise me if that is just a bug and will be worked out in the next update.

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