Monday, March 28, 2011

HEAT Call Logging – Disabling the Dashboard

To Disable the Dashboard

To prevent the dashboard from opening when you log on to Call Logging:

1 Select Edit>User Preferences.

2 Click the Display tab.

3 Deselect the Show Dashboard at Startup check box.

4 Click OK. Note that you can still reopen the Dashboard at any time from the View menu

In large environments the network administrator may want to disable the Call Logging Dashboard via registry settings. A batch file can be triggered via a login script to update multiple computers.

The following registry setting disables the dashboard – note showDashboard=1 enables the dashboard


The dashboard will not appear on the HEAT User’s computer.

We highly recommend that you test registry settings before distributing to other HEAT Users. Also, be sure to follow all Microsoft procedures on how to handle advanced registry settings.


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