Sunday, March 27, 2011

MSCRM 2011: New Easier UI

The number of additions and improvements for Dynamics CRM 2011 is estimated to be over 500 from Dynamics CRM 4.0. Listed below are a select few examples that should greatly improve the user’s experience:

  1. Ribbon – 2011 provides navigation through a ribbon which allows for easy access to menu options and a true Office application experience.

  2. Charts - Charts can be accessed quickly from the ribbon and viewed alongside a grid on entity data, giving the user as much information as possible in one window. New charts can be made easily by end users with the Chart Wizard.

  3. Dashboards - Dashboards allow users to read data from multiple sources in a single location. The dashboard is designed to eliminate the need to navigate through numerous windows in order to obtain information. Dashboards can be designed for all users of a company to see, providing employees with a single, consistent source for key data. Users can also create custom dashboards, tailoring them to meet their specific needs.

  4. Records Navigation - Navigating through records in the web client has been streamlined. The number of clicks it takes to navigate through records has been reduced so users can work more efficiently.

  5. Single Page Forms - Comprehensive details on a single page instead of tabs

  6. Data Auditing - Tracking changes to a record’s data in previous versions of Dynamics CRM required custom code or plug-ins. Now available out of the box, a flexible data-auditing tool allows users to enable and disable auditing for every entity. If a user chooses to enable auditing for a particular entity, all of its fields are audited automatically; but the user can disable each field individually if necessary.

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