Sunday, March 27, 2011

MSCRM 4.0: Linking One Activity to Another Activity

A customer recently asked: Am I able to know if an activity is a follow-up activity from another activity? You can take the following actions to allow one activity to be linked to another:

  1. Use a web link. Every record in CRM has a web address associated to it. You can see this in the web client in the address bar at the top. If the address bar is not visible, simply click on Ctrl-F11 and it will appear. Therefore,we can add a URL to the Activity form and we can link back to another Activity.

  2. Go to Settings, Customization, Appointment Entity.

  3. Choose Attributes, New. Add a text attribute. It is really easy to add a text attribute to a CRM form. What is not commonly known is you can force this text field to accept only web addresses. When you create the text attribute, you can specify the format as ‘URL’. Please note, increase the maximum length of this attribute to at least 200 as it is really easy for the URL to exceed 100 characters.

  4. Add the new URL attribute to the Appointment form.

  5. The next time an appointment is added that is a result of another activity, you can copy and paste the URL of the originating activity to the new activity form.

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