Sunday, March 27, 2011

QuickBooks: Subtotal Sales Summary by Customer Type

A client recently asked how to get sales or invoices subtotaled by customer type in a Summary report.

Like many reports, this can be customized by using the filters.

Go to the Reports menu and select Accountant and Taxes then Transaction Detail by Account

When the report populates – click the modify button and use the following filters

Account = A/R Transaction
Type = multiple transactions types / select invoice and credit

Then next to the date, change the total by to Customer Type


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the how-to on grouping sales by customer type. Is it possible to create subgrouping in QB -- or nested subtotals? For example, take this report -- grouping by Customer Type -- and then within each Customer Type group (or subtotal) by Customer. Thus the list would either have just one line items for Customers within that Customer Type regardless of the number of invoices or credits for that Customer -- or -- multiple lines for Customers with multiple invoices and credits but subtotaled for each Customer.

Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

What a great question and it really made me put on my thinking cap.

No - not in QuickBooks Pro. The reason is that there is only one option for subtotal in any screen. I've tried to achieve your goal in other ways (tried multiple reports/filters), but have not found anyway to make it work.

(I have not currently tried options in QuickBooks Enterprise version.)

You can alter how the sort is reflected and of course, drop into excel and calculate that way.

Intuit recognizes their limitations in reports. There are great software programs that are compatible with QuickBooks that provide more robust reporting options. If you are interested in trying to build reports beyond the current scope of QuickBooks, you should look at the App Center on QuickBooks Icon Bar.

Next question please....

Lori Highby said...

Thank you so much for posting this information. I tried about 5 other methods that I found via Googling and your method actually brought me the results I was seeking! Very much appreciated.

Riba Noor said...

It is an informative post.

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Anonymous said...

How would I go about figuring out if I can display only subtotals by customer type in Quickbooks Enterprise Edition?