Sunday, March 27, 2011

QuickBooks: Undoing reconciliation two months back

Help…..I fund a common PayPal account for personal & business transactions with different bank accounts. I reconciled PayPal first & shouldn't have. Can I unreconcile multiple months of PayPal to reconcile bank accounts first? Yes, but you must do them one month at a time. There is no magic button for multiple un-reconciliations.

To unreconcile a bank account:

Make sure you back up your data before you begin.

  • Go to the Banking menu and then click Reconcile.

  • In the Begin Reconciliation window, click Locate Discrepancies.

  • Click Discrepancy Report or Previous Reports to view the list of discrepancies.

  • Click Undo Last Reconciliation. .

  • Click Restart Reconciliation to repeat the reconciliation process from the beginning.