Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MSCRM 2011: Enhanced Form Layout

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 includes a flexible framework for laying out forms. The following are the components of the new enhanced Microsoft Dynamics form layout:

  • Fields: Fields are added to the header, body and footer of forms.

  • Controls: Controls can be added to forms in the header,body, footer, and navigation areas. These include navigation links, Web resources, Iframes, spacers and Sub-Grids.

  • Navigation Pane: The Navigation pane ison the left-hand side of the form. This area can be customized by moving and renaming sections, by moving navigation links between sections, and by creating custom navigation links.

  • Header and Footer: The header and footer are available on every form. These areas can be customized with fields and components that are always visible on the form regardless of which tab or related list is being shown.

  • Body: The body of a form is where all of the data entry is performed. Fields and components can be added to the body. The body of the form can be configured to be further subdivided as follows:

  • Tabs:Tabs enable users to rapidly navigare within a form. For every tab that is added to a form, a link is added to the Navigationpane to allow users to rapidly navigate to the tab.

  • Sections: Tabs are made up of one or more sections. If a tab has two columns, then sections can be placed in each of the two columns. Sections can have from one to four columns to further control how information is presented on the form.

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