Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MSCRM 4.0: Customizing Closing Dialog Boxes

Closing Dialog boxes are a special case you need to consider when you are customizing entity attributes. A closing dialog box is a dialog box that appears when a user does any of the following:

  • Closes an activity such as a Phone Call

  • Converts a Lead

  • Closes an Opportunity

  • Resolves a Case

When a user initiates one of these actions, a closing dialog box prompts the user to specify how he or she wants to close the entity.It might not be obvious where you should customize the closing dialog picklist values because these closing dialog boes are not entity forms, but they do display attributes of the entity. To edit the closing dialog box picklist values, you must modify the statuscode attribute (Status Reason display name) of the entity you are closing.The following steps will describe how to edit the phone call closing dialog box:

  1. Go to the Customization section of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and click Customize Entities.

  2. Double-Click the Phone Call entity.

  3. In the navigation pane, click Attributes, and then double-click the statuscode field. The attribute editor is displayed.

  4. In the Status drop-down list, select Completed. The picklist values change from the Open value (“Open”) to the Completed values (“Made”, “Received”).

  5. Click Add and then type Left Message in the Label field.Click OK.

  6. In the Status drop-down, click Canceled. Then, click Add, and type Wrong Number in the Label field. Click OK. You will see that the “Wrong Number” picklist value is added under the “Canceled” value.

  7. Click Save, and then click Close on the attribute editor toolbar.

  8. Click Actions on the Phone Call entity editor menu bar and then click Publish.

Now when you close a Phone Call activity, you will see the new statuses in the Closing Dialog Box.

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