Saturday, April 30, 2011

QuickBooks: Changing the Customer for a Payment that has been Deposited

A new QuickBooks user realized that she applied payment to an incorrect customer after it had already been recorded as deposited in the bank register. This payment was one of several that had been deposited on one slip. She wondered how to change the incorrect customer. She tried changing the customer on the payment, and got the following error message: "You need to delete this payment from the deposit before you can edit its name or amount
This is a common problem and there are two solutions.

Solution 1:
• Delete the entire deposit which will put it back into record deposits.
• Go to the incorrect customer payment and delete it.
• Receive payment for the correct customer
• Go to the record deposits window and reenter the correct customer with the others to make the total deposit. Be sure to reenter the correct date.

Solution 2:
• Go to the deposit and delete the line for this specific incorrect payment (highlight the line and press CTRL + Delete).
• Add an additional line with the correct customer using A/R as the account.
• Then open the invoice it should be applied to and select Apply Credits.
• Lastly, delete the original incorrect payment so it's no longer shown in Undeposited Funds.


Al said...

Thanks so much for laying out the solution in plain English. Now I understand exactly what to do. I wish you could help with my mis sold PPI claims, too.

Jim said...

Good to know about these two solutions. Not to mention the easy to follow steps. I always thought that a reversal is the only thing I could do. PPI