Friday, April 29, 2011

HEAT Call Logging - Setting HEATBoard Preferences

Although the system administrator defines security rights for the InfoCenter HEATBoard, you can set preferences governing its display.

To Set HEATBoard Preferences:

1 Select Edit>User Preferences, then click the HEATBoard tab.

2 In the HEATBoard Issue Sorting section, select how you want to sort HEATBoard issues:

• Posted By - Sorts issues by the person posting the issue.

• Posted date/time - Sorts issues by the date and time the issue was posted.

• Last modified date/time - Sorts issues by the date and time the issue was last modified.

• Expiration date/time - Sorts issues by the expiration date and time.

3 In the Direction section, select:

• Ascending - Displays issues from oldest to newest.

• Descending - Displays issues from newest to oldest.

4 In the Team Selection section, select the team(s) you want displayed on the HEATBoard. Click Move Up or Move Down to alter the display order.

5 In the Team Consolidation section, determine how you want teams grouped:

• Show selected teams separately - Places team issues under specific team title bars.

• Combine selected teams - Displays all issues, regardless of team ownership, under a single title bar.

• Combine selected teams except global - Displays team issues under a single title bar, and displays all Global issues under a Global title bar.

6 Click OK.

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