Friday, April 29, 2011

HEAT Call Logging - Using HEAT Alert Monitor for high priority tickets

A client recently asked if it’s possible to be notified when a priority 1 ticket is logged.

Other than email notifications, users can create HEAT Alerts.

  1. In HEAT create a group (if it does not already exist) for Priority 1 tickets

    The filter can be based on any number of criteria. In this example we will use all tickets that are not closed and has a priority “1” –

    Creating a group for priority 1 calls
  • In Heat
  • Click on Group
  • Click on New call group
  • Name the call group: Priority 1 tickets
  • Enter the following in the Expression text field: 
    ({CallLog.CallStatus} <> 'closed' and {CallLog.Priority} = '1')

       Open Group in Alert Monitor 
  • Open Alert monitor
  • Click on New Alert definition.
  • Click on File new
  • Type in a name of the definition – eg priority 1 tickets
  • Browse to the group you created
  • Double click on the group name
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Exit
  • Click on File, Save As
  • Save the Alert
  • Click on the traffic light to start the polling (Starting the polling can be automated under OPTIONS; USER Preferences; Click on “Automatically Start Polling
In order to be alerted to urgent calls your Alert Monitor must be open and Start/stop polling must be green