Thursday, May 26, 2011

HEAT – Set User Preferences for Internet Searching within Call Logging

In HEAT Call Logging navigate to Edit, User Preferences menu and click on the General Tab. In the Internet Search section, three Internet search providers are available to use for the Internet search function. You can add, edit, remove search providers. You can also specify the search provider default.

To add a search provider to the list, click Add. The Add New Internet Search Provider dialog box opens:

  • In the Search Service Provider Name field, type a name to identify this provider.
  • In the Search Service Provider URL field, type the URL for the provider (you must include the {searchTerms} macro in order for the search to use text from the Call Logging field;
  • Select the Use as default check box to specify this provider as the default.
  • Click OK to close the Add New Internet Search Provider dialog box.
  • To edit a search provider, select the provider then click Edit. The Edit Internet Search Provider dialog box opens. Make any changes needed, including specifying this provider as the default, then click OK to close the Edit Internet Search Provider dialog box.
  • To remove a search provider, select the provider, then click Remove.
  • To specify a default, select the check box next to the search provider.
  • To restore the original three Internet search providers and remove any additional providers you may have added, click the Restore Defaults button.
  • Click OK.

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