Wednesday, May 25, 2011

QuickBooks: How to Fix an Incorrect Reconciliation Beginning Balance

Question: My bank reconciliation beginning balance does not match the statement. I looked at the last reconciliation; however, and the cleared balance does match? Do you have any tips that I could look into. Thanks.

Answer: This usually happens when you delete or change a transaction that was already reconciled. There are two ways to research what has been changed:

1. Select the Locate Discrepencies button on the Begin Reconciliation, for help determining what was changed.

2. There's also a Reconciliation Discrepancy report in Reports > Banking.

When you determine what has been changed, you will need to re-enter it using the same date.

TIP: You should receive a warning when you try to delete or change a transaction that's already been reconciled. Don't ignore any warning messages…QuickBooks is usually trying to stop you from making a mistake. Instead, take a moment to read the warning message, think about what you are doing and the consequence of the action and then make “the right” decision.

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