Monday, June 27, 2011

Efficiency Tip: Customize Your QuickBooks Icon Bar

If you’re like me, you use as many shortcuts as possible. You’re always a quick click away from the window you need.

To similarly speed up your access to common QuickBooks functions, you can easily customize your QuickBooks icon bar.

Just right-click on the icon bar (located right below the menu for File / Edit / View…) and click Customize Icon Bar…

You can add, edit, or delete from a lot of potential icon bar shortcuts. In QuickBooks Pro 2011, there are seventy shortcuts to pick from!

You can reposition the active icons by clicking and dragging the little diamonds to the left of the choices. You can create visual groups by adding or moving separators. Great!

Set it up so that your most commonly used functions are visible on the icon bar all the time. Delete ones you rarely or never use (you can always re-add them later if you want to.)

If QuickBooks has the capacity to make it more convenient for you, why not take advantage of that?

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