Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GoldMine : Attaching a file to a Knowledgebase entry

Many of us use the GoldMine knowledgebase to track business related information. Employee handbooks, driving directions, you name it.

Did you know that you can attach any file to a Knowledgebase entry?

1. Select Go To | Knowledgebase from the top level GoldMine menu
2. Find the Knowledgebase entry you wish to attach a file to
3. Right click directly on the Knowledgebase entry within the left-hand pane
4. Select "Attach File"
5. Then simply browse out to the file in question, then Ok your way back to GoldMine

Pro Tip : You can launch the attachment by clicking on the "Paperclip" button on the top toolbar within the Knowledgebase.

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