Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HEAT – Catalog File Not rebuilding

Firstly, what is a HEAT Catlog File? The HEAT catalog file is essentially an encrypted file that stores HEAT screen designs. The catalog file is rebuilt each time a new edit set is committed. HEAT references this file for the new screen layout and only passes data back to the SQL server.

Whenever applying changes to your HEAT system – i.e. adding fields/ deleting fields, changing form colors, etc. the catalog file needs to be rebuilt on the HEAT Servers and also on end user workstations. From time to time the catalog file may generate a message indicating “unable to build catalog file” Typically, this is due to the fact that something (an application) is using the file.

Unable to rebuild catalog file on Server:

In most cases the services running either one of the following or all of the following may be locking the file – Heat Business Rules, Heat Messaging Center, Heat Survey, Heat Self Service, Heat WebUi, Heat LDAP Connector.

Navigate to Control Panel > Services and look for any services that start with the word HEAT. Stop all services.

Also close down any applications on the server – eg call logging (if you were logged in). This should release the file and allow the catalog file to be rebuilt.

Unable to rebuild catalog file on workstation

The end-user in most cases has HEAT CallLogging or Heat Alert open. The user must click on “file and exit” and then launch Call Logging again – this will rebuild the catalog file.


Sharon Young said...

Gene, I noticed this happens when you run Call Logging for the first time on Windows 7 and have to do Run as Administrator to get the catalog to load. I guess its due to the extra security on Windows 7.

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