Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HEAT Self Service – Configure Call Groups in Heat Self Service

Call Groups can be created to manage and organize issues in HSS. You can create Global Call Groups,  Customer Type Call Groups, or Personal Call Groups for individual users.

Launch Heat Self Service Web Server Configuration Tool, Navigate to the Customer Type (in the left pane)

  1. Click the audience for whom you want to create a new Call Group:
  2. Click Add
  3. In the Table Name drop-down list, select the table containing the field you want to use in your expression. When you select one of the tables, the available fields for that specific table appear in the Field list.
  4. In the Field list, double-click a field to add it to the Boolean expression (for example, CallStatus) in the Expression Text field.
  5. In the Operators list, double-click an operator to add it to the Boolean Expression (for example, =).
  6. Click Browse Field Data. The Browse data dialog box opens for the field you selected. All available options are listed in grid view. Select a value, then click OK (if needed you can filter the list by typing a value in the field next to the Filter button, then click Filter).    Continue to add expressions as needed to define this group:
  7. Click AND to add another statement. Using AND to join expressions means results must meet the criteria indicated by all expressions. For example, CallLog.CallStatus='Open' AND CallLog. CallType='Hardware'.
  8. Click OR to add a varying statement. Using OR to join expressions means results must meet any of the criteria indicated by the expressions. For example, CallLog.CallStatus= 'Reopened' OR CallLog. CallStatus='Open'.
  9. To define a sorting order for the Call Group, select the Table, then select the field(s) by which you want to sort the group; for example, if you select CallID, all records in the group are listed in ascending or descending order (you specify) by their Call ID numbers.
  10. Click the Check button (at the bottom of the page) to verify that your expression text is correct (if correct, a number indicating the number of Call Records found will display).

Click Save (at the bottom of the page).

Note: If you want to move the group to a different audience category (from Personal to Global, for example), click the Move group button. The Create new Group dialog box opens, enabling you to move the group.

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