Monday, June 27, 2011

MSCRM 4.0: Custom Entity Owner Fields

A client recently asked: We are using CRM 4.0 and when we create custom entities they have no 'Owner' field. We've tried creating it manually but this doesn't allow us to assign the record at any stage. What are we missing?

There are two types of ownership for custom entities and how you create ownership could be your problem. When a custom entity is created, one of the required fields is 'ownership'.

Your options are 'User' or 'Organization'. User is the default, and if
you choose it then each record will have an owner and you can do assignments.

If you choose 'Organization' as the ownership type, then the record does not have an owner. Once the entity is created, you cannot change this option.

To change the ownership, then you will need to recreate the entities. If this is the case, use the following method to create a custom entity with a User ownership type:

* Select Settings > Customization > Customize Entities
* Click New > Provide a name for the Entity
* Under the Ownership drop-down > select User
* Save the entity > Go to Forms and Views
* You should see the form with Name and Owner fields.

You can add fields, forms and relationships to the new entity. When you are finished, click Publish Customizations and the new entity should appear (with an Owner field).

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