Monday, July 25, 2011

GoldMine : Moving E-mail Attachments

Did you know that you can redirect an email attachment in GoldMine to a
different location?

The major underlying problem is that, by default, GoldMine stores all e-mail
attachments in a single folder on the server (\GoldMine\Mailbox\Attach).

After a few years of trading emails, this folder can become very large and
difficult to navigate (anyone who has tried to keep a few thousand MP3's in
one folder can attest to this).

When viewing a GoldMine e-mail, you can right-click on any attachment listed
in the email header, then select "Move". Then simply browse out to the
special location you'd like to store the attachment.

Note that the attachment "link" is now updated. Anyone opening this email in
GoldMine will see the attachment in the new location.

ProTip : Deleting an email in GoldMine does not delete the attachment files.