Monday, July 25, 2011

GoldMine : Using a Decimal in the History Duration Field

I've had a few calls over the last couple weeks with folks who'd like to use
their histories in GoldMine to generate billing for clients. I actually do
this myself every week. Where the challenge lies is in the fact that the
"Duration" field on a History item reads like this: "00:30:00" (30 minutes).
This makes any totaling of these durations (say, on a report or within a
query) difficult to say the least.

I find it much easier to enter in "Decimal" times for my histories. So,
instead of using "00:30:00" for a half hour, I use ".5" Note that the
Duration field is a simple text field, and will accept almost any input you
give it. So my 01:45:00 becomes 1.75 and so on.

This way, any totaling you want to do becomes easy. It is possible to
"parse" out the HH:MM:SS duration value, but you'll spend more time doing
that than working on the report itself...
This also brings up a good concept; whenever possible, structure your data
entry model to make reporting easier.

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