Monday, July 25, 2011

GoldMine : Using Multi-Level Searching in the Search Center

Did you know that GoldMine can search on more than one field in the Search

Simply bring up your Search Center (my favorite way is to double click right
on the word "Contact" on the Contact Record itself).

To the right of the "Search Box" is a plus sign; click this.

You'll see that a new Search Box has opened up below, connected by an "AND".

You can click on the "AND" drop down list and select "OR" if you prefer.

So now you can search on the values of two fields. Keep clicking the plus
sign to add more Search Boxes.

Just like any other GoldMine search, as you type in values, your list
changes. I know a lot of clients that use this functionality to generate
lists of customers (by Outputting to Excel).

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