Friday, July 29, 2011

HEAT: Trade Ticket Progress

A client asked: Is there an easier way to track ongoing activity with a ticket than paging through Journal entries to review the activities of a ticket?

We currently append information to the Solution Description on the Call Log screen but feel there should be a better method.

An alternative approach would be to create a Memo field on the Call Log screen (or Journal) and call it Work Log. This Log would be updated using an autotask appends work performed and a date/time stamp.

To add a Work Log field, you would do the following:

* Select Administrator > New Edit Set
* Select CallLog > System > Open Table > Add Field
* Enter Field Name and Description (e.g. WorkLog)
* Enter Field Type of Memo > Click OK
* Click Add Field to Form > Place the field where desired
* Add a Command Button > Add Text Label to button

The command button needs to be connected to an autotask that will append information to the Work Log field. To save time, create an autotask named 'Add To Work Log' in Call Logging. The Update Call action and click OK. The details can be added later.

* Click on the command button > Click Control > Connect > Autotask
* Select the 'Add To Work Log' autotask > Click Save
* Close form/table > Close HEAT modules and services > Click Commit

To complete the Work Log, you need to add the details to the Add To Work Log autotask. This function will allow you to append information to the Work Log field as the ticket progresses and use the Solution Description to hold the final solution.

* Open Call Logging > Click Autotasks > Manage Autotasks
* Click 'Add To Work Log' > Click Edit > Click the WorkLog field
* Click Insert > Insert Function > Click @UserID()
* Click Insert > Insert Function > Click @CurrentDate()
* Click Insert > Insert Function > Click @Prompt()
* Enter a Prompt (e.g. Enter Work Details) > Click OK
* Enter a Prompt (e.g. Enter Work Details) > Click OK

You will need to add spaces and a colon to the different fields appended to the Log field to make it readable. This can be done while creating the Insert Functions. For example, when inserting @UserID(), add a colon and two spaces before inserting @CurrentDate(). This will separate the two fields and make it easy to read. Do this for the other fields and leave the option as Append on the WorkLog field.

Test this function using the command button and revise as needed.

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Teri K. said...

Thank you! The main topic of this article isn't something I needed, but learning the trick of creating an empty autotask so I can attach a button in the same edit set I create a new field in is going to save me HOURS!
Thank you, Gene!!!