Sunday, July 24, 2011

MSCRM 4.0 and 2011: Finding Unresolved Emails

Are you looking for a quick way to locate all unresolved emails in MSCRM and update them? See the Advanced Find below.

There a number of reasons why you might encounter unresolved emails in MSCRM. One reason is when you are using the Microsoft CRM Outlook Client "Track in CRM" feature. This is due to Outlook containing email addresses that are not related to any existing CRM Users, Accounts, Contacts or Leads at the time of being "tracked" in MSCRM.

Use the Advanced Find listed below to find all the Microsoft CRM e-mail records with unresolved email ,addresses and update them.

* Click New > select Look for: E-mail Messages
* Click Select > Status Reason > Select Equals > Select Received;Sent,Pending Send, Draft
* Click Select > Activity Parties (Activity)

* Click Select > Participation Type > Equals > ToRecipient, Sender, BCC Recipient and CCRecipient

* Click Select > Party > Does Not Contain Data

Save the Advanced Find and then click Query. It should list any unresolved emails.