Tuesday, July 26, 2011

QuickBooks: Find the Difference Between the Trial Balance and Reconciliation Detail Reports

I have a client with an unreconciled difference between their Trial Balance and the Register balance per the Reconciliation Detail. The Trial Balance shows a credit of $15,561.39 and the Register shows a credit of $15,140.87 for a difference of $420.52.

They wanted to know how to change the Trial Balance balance without it changing the reconciliation balance because any adjustment made so far has made them both more incorrect.
They were concerned and asked me how to make them agree.

The Answer:
A difference between the Trial Balance and Reconciliation Detail reports is usually due to transactions created/edited/deleted in the reconciliation period after you reconciled the account.

The Trial Balance is a real-time report but the Reconciliation Detail report is a snapshot in time, specifically the cleared and uncleared transactions at the time you did the reconciliation. If anything was added, changed or deleted, the Reconciliation Detail report will no longer be accurate.

Compare the reconciliation report to the detail on the Trial Balance report (double-click the amount of the account you want to check) to see what changed.

When the client did this, they confirmed that there were two items that changed – one was a date change (moved a transaction to a prior fiscal year in error) and the other was an accidental voiding of a check.


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