Friday, August 26, 2011

HEAT – Setting a custom background

The picture function is a background effect, placing a picture on the background of the form.

HEAT supports the following file types for images and pictures: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, and .tif. A user must possess the appropriate security right (Custom Image Import) to add pictures.

To Add a Picture to the Form Background:

  1. Open the form with which you want to work. The Form Editor opens, displaying the form.
  2. Right-click the form and select Format drawing. 
  3. Click the Fill Effects button, then click the Picture tab. 
  4. Deselect the No picture fill effects check box.
  5. Click the Select Picture button, navigate to the desired picture, then click Open. The picture previews in the Picture section, with the file path displayed below it. You can also see the picture in the lower right Sample section. The Sample will change depending on the options selected below the picture. 
  6. Modify the picture as needed using the options below the picture and the Image Control button: 
  • Clip picture to shape - Resizes the picture to the size of the form (picture may appear distorted or may be cropped). 
  • Clip picture aspect ratio - Maintains picture proportions and resizes to the form size (picture may be cropped). 
  •  Keep picture original size - Tiles the picture (picture may be cropped). 

7. Click OK to close the Fill Effects dialog box.

8.  Click OK. The picture displays on the background of the form.

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